The Montana McKennas Boxed Set


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Meet Brody, Callie, Mercer and Parker—the four siblings in the clan of James McKenna, a Montana rancher, and their mom/step mom, Liz.

Growing up on the ranch was a great life, until Callie and Parker’s mother passed away, leaving James a widower. It wasn’t long, however, before he remarried, bringing Liz into their lives, along with her son, Brody. Soon, James and Liz added a new McKenna to the family, when daughter Mercer was born.

All books are included in The Montana McKennas Boxed Set:

  • The Montana McKennas: Prequel, Book 1, by Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James
  • Brody, Book 2, by Jan Scarbrough
  • Callie, Book 3, by Maddie James
  • Parker, Book 4, by Maddie James
  • Mercer, Book 5, by Jan Scarbrough
  • Liz, Book 7, by Jan Scarbrough

Book 6 is Corporate Cowboy by Maddie James. This is a highly erotic story and not included in the boxed set.

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