Secrets: Bluegrass Homecoming (book 2)

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Schoolteacher Kelly Baron raised her child alone. Now that her daughter’s grown and married, Kelly can finally start her new life in North Carolina, responsible only for herself. She has just one more thing to do: help her mother. To do so, she must return to Heritage Springs, Kentucky, the place she’d fled years before. Back then she’d been nothing but a small-town girl from the wrong side of the tracks, hiding a secret that could have destroyed lives.

Newly divorced lawyer Rob Scott seeks solace for his heartache in his small-town roots. Maybe being an incurable romantic isn’t smart for a lawyer who has to deal with hard facts. The last thing he’s looking for is a relationship. He’d made millions in Chicago, but in his heart he’s always kept a secret dream, a desire he’s never told anyone. Then he runs into Kelly, the girl who’d disappeared from his life years ago, leaving behind only hurt and unanswered questions.

Kelly’s kept her secret all these years. But sometimes the only way to build a future is to face the past.


The Romance Studio’s 2011 CAPA Award Nominee for excellence in romantic fiction.

New title, new look, same great story!
(Formerly titled A Father At Last)

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I simply adored this story. A warm, compelling read about a second chance at love. Beautifully written with characters that I really came to care about. Secrets: Bluegrass Homecoming is a wonderful read that is perfect for curling up with under a blanket on a cold winters day — or any day for that matter. I Highly Recommend. Amazon Review

Jan has done it again! She has written another best seller which promises to quickly rise to the top of the charts. Her fascinating plot kept me involved in the book. I constantly wanted to see what would happen next. The poignant storyline was so well developed, I was spellbound. The myriad supporting cast members were so incredibly believable. I fell for all of them. The two main characters were so emotionally connected it was impossible NOT to believe in a happily-ever-after. I will admit, however, that the ending was handled in such an amazing way that I was both surprised and thrilled. Ms. Scarbrough has become one of my favourite authors. I am automatically drawn to anything with her name on it.Ms. Scarbrough has a way of involving sensuality without going in-depth so that younger readers cannot enjoy the book.  While the sexuality was evident, the entire book was mildly sensual. It did not lose its spunk. I highly recommend this book to anyone. I promise you will love this book as well as this author. The Romance Studio

I just finished reading Jan Scarborough’s novella, A Father at Last, and cannot say enough good things about it. Well plotted, emotional and humorous in places, edgy, heart-warming. A book to curl up beside a fire with a cup of tea in easy reach, which is exactly how I enjoyed this delightful read. Amazon Review

This is a beautiful story, skillfully crafted with likable characters, great dialogue and a poignant theme readers will relate to. Lost love and redemption are strong drives in the human psyche and Ms. Scarborough delivers masterfully. Buy this book; you won’t be disappointed. Amazon Review

With a story that rings so true, the reader will feel like they had heard it at the local beauty parlor. The craft of this author keeps this story novel. The dialogue and character development leads this story into an emotional journey without growing overly melodramatic or Hallmark Channel schmaltz!  In a nutshell, this sweet romance speaks to those who fear, those who hide truths and those who have lost hope and yet somehow hope to find it. Jan Scarbrough rewards with romance and redemption and her next endeavor is eagerly awaited. The Romance Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and felt that I was watching it unfold in front of me as if I was another character in the story. Ms. Scarbrough knows how to tell a story and she takes her readers on a thrilling roller coaster ride as they turn the pages. Night Owl Romance

A Father At Last, seems a misleading title for a story that is really all about fresh starts. Personalities are simply great throughout, as are the revelations: Kelly is not the only one with a secret. Kelly’s mother is a lively surprise – not all the person we, or her daughter, expect. In fact, this story is all wonderfully unpredictable, and still a delightful romance (or romances… there’s a lot going on here). Long and Short Reviews