My Lord Raven: Knights of the Royal Household


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England, the Welsh Border Lands, 1283

To protect what little family she has left, Lady Catrin Fitzalan switches places with her cousin when King Edward orders the pious girl to wed his royal champion, a vicious knight called the King’s Raven. Rumors abound that this savage is responsible for the deaths of Lady Catrin’s father and brother. How can she allow her sweet cousin to wed a murderer?

Bran ap Madog, bastard son of a Welsh prince, has devoted his life to serving the English king. His badge is the raven, a creature that feeds off rotting spoils, just as Bran feeds off the spoils of war. Now he wants a reward for his service: a wealthy wife, and the land and power she can bring him.

But there’s another side to the rapacious black birds Bran has chosen for his badge. Social and family-oriented, ravens mate for life. Which gives them something Bran never had—a family, a sense of belonging, and a rightful place in the world. Bran has fought for everything he’s ever had. But his last battle, with his new wife, may cost him the one thing he isn’t prepared to lose: his heart.

“I wholeheartedly recommend the trailer for My Lord Raven, which you can tell from this promotional video will be more awesome than you could possibly imagine. Think: Passions meets Middle Earth. Tell me you don’t want to buy that book like yesterday.” Erin Keane, posted on her blog

Reviews and Awards

  • Though I’m not an historian myself, I am nonetheless fond of historical fiction that, if it’s good, is wrapped in actual history, and it is evident that Jan Scarbrough worked hard to describe accurately the people, the castles, the fashions and the warfare of England in the 13th century. I felt compassion and sympathy for the strong, impulsive, naive Lady Catrin, but it is the mysterious, passionate Bran that is thoroughly captivating. All of these elements make My Lord Raven a fascinating historical romance worth taking the time to read.
    – Joysann reviewed My Lord Raven on Barbara Vey’s Beyond Her Book Blog.
  • “The clean writing was a pure pleasure!” Micki Nuding, editor/contest judge
  • “Clearly a romance in the tradition of Lisa Jackson.” Tina Brown, editor/contest judge
  • “I finished a wonderful book yesterday. My Lord Raven by Jan Scarbrough was a wonderful historical romance set during the reign of Edward I.” Jacqueline Roth
  • My Lord Raven was voted one of the top 10 books of 2009 by blogger Kimber Chin.
  • “A very important thing that I have to find to really appreciate a book, is accuracy in the details and the settings ; well in My Lord Raven I found it. I must say that the medieval background is very well depicted and full of atmosphere. I read it in two nights and had a hard time to put it down the first one ! You won’t find any dull moments in this book and you will only be eager to unravel the mystery behind the murders of Catrin’s family. There is a very palpable and well built tension from the start between the two main characters of Catrin and Raven. Both are very believable and little by little as Catrin, you discover the true nature of the Raven. I loved this book from start to finish. It’s definitely a Keeper.” AC, Amazon Reviewer
  • 4 1/2 Pixies —”MY LORD RAVEN is authored by the prolific Jan Scarbrough, who stars in the LADIES OF LEGEND, TN Series as well. Ms. Scarbrough knows her history, andreaders will find MY LORD RAVEN both accurate and its detailed settings compelling.
  • Rich in detail, vivid in imagery, MY LORD RAVEN is a fine introduction to the period and an excellent historical backdrop to the romance building between Bran ap Madog – Lord Raven – and Lady Catrin, who has disguised herself as her shy, reticent cousin. Ms. Scarbrough demonstrates a talent for building both female and male characters, and peeling away their layers to reveal the real personas beneath the social/political masks. MY LORD RAVEN appeals to fans of historical fiction and romance, but will be enjoyable for any reader.” Frost – Dark Angel Reviews
  • 4 Blue Ribbons — ‘Looks can be deceiving’ is the theme of Jan Scarbrough’s latest release, MY LORD RAVEN.
  • A good historical romance is a wonderful thing and in Jan Scarbrough’s case, a well written and beautifully characterized historical romance is one that I will read over and over again. MY LORD RAVEN is such a romance. It captured my attention, held me spellbound, and I was on the edge of my seat for the duration. In my opinion, nothing is better than that! Romance Junkies
  • Ms. Scarbrough has skillfully drawn her characters with a knowing, loving hand – combining well-written, historically correct narration with breathtaking passion. Her narrative is smooth and her knowledge of the subject time period is outstanding. Her ability to draw readers into the mood and hold them captive for the duration made this one a cannot-put-down read for me. A completely delightful read! Well done, Jan! ~Measures 8.9 on the Richter Scale.~ ~110 degrees F~ Fran Lee
  • Enduring Romance Blog 9/3/2009 Bran is what makes My Lord Raven extra special. This unique hero made my heart melt. The writing is wonderful. I laughed and cried and hoped along with Bran. If you love medieval romances, you’ll love My Lord Raven.
  • The writing is beautiful – crisp, polished, tight. Dialogue sparkles, scenes flow with emotion, and the descriptions do an excellent job of painting the sights and sounds and smells of the Middle Ages. Historical detail abounds, without ever feeling like a history lecture, since the facts of medieval world are skillfully woven into the narrative, strengthening the story rather than distracting from it. Tatiana March ~ author and avid reader at the Resplendence Publishing blog
  • Ms. Scarborough has created a stunning novel of medieval England in My Lord Raven. Set in 1283 around the Marcher lands that border Wales, this story is rich in historic detail with compelling protagonists. I was captivated from the first page. My Lord Raven is well written, fast-paced and with enough mystery and intrigue to keep the reader turning pages right to the satisfying end. Highly recommended. Amazon Review 
  • The Romance Reviews (TRR): Bran was a fantastic hero and easily my favorite character. He was sometimes a bit rough but it was an accurate betrayal of his character and the time period…Secrets and lies around every stone corner. Four stars!

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