Kentucky Flame

Kentucky Flame 200x300Bluegrass Reunion series: standalone stories about second chances

Horse trainer Jake Hendricks arrives to take charge of Royalty Farm from his one-time mentor. After the main barn goes up in flames, Jake must do everything he can to save the farm which is already under financial pressure from a greedy local real estate developer.

After gathering the courage to leave an abusive marriage, horse trainer Melody O’Shea returns to Royalty Farm when her father needs her help. Coming home to the famed American Saddlebred farm is bittersweet because it is also the home of her daughter, the secret child she gave up for a private adoption.

Mel doesn’t count on Jake being there. The man left her nine years earlier not knowing she was carrying his baby. Forced to work with Jake to save her daughter’s home and heritage, Mel grapples with the mistakes of her past and her love for a man who once rejected her, but who she never forgot. When danger escalates, Mel’s life is in jeopardy and she must work with Jake to solve the mystery that threatens her safety and the safety of the daughter they both love.


The Bluegrass Reunion series:
Kentucky Cowboy, Kentucky Woman and Kentucky Flame

I am riding an American Saddlebred named Belle during one of my weekly lessons. Kentucky Flame is set on an American Saddlebred horse farm in Kentucky.

Reviews and Awards

Bluegrass Reunion Series published in this order:
  • Kentucky Cowboy—She dumped him in high school, because he was a risk-taker.
  • Kentucky Woman—She loved him when she was a teenager, but they never connected.
  • Kentucky Flame—She had his baby, but he left not knowing the truth.
  • Kentucky Groom—She can’t afford to fall in love with a lowly groom.
  • Kentucky Bride—She rejected him once, but he’s willing to try again.
  • Kentucky Heat—She doesn’t need to take on another project, but he won’t take no for an answer. (Sequel to Kentucky Bride.)
  • Kentucky Rain—She has responsibilities to her daughter and herself, not to the handsome guy next door. (Sequel to Kentucky Cowboy.
  • Kentucky Blue Bloods—She wants to save the family horse farm, but he has other ideas.
Bluegrass Reunion: They thought the men they loved were out of their lives. They were wrong.

Although each romance in the Bluegrass Reunion series stands alone, all books are about second chances and are set in Kentucky. In keeping with the Bluegrass theme, when appropriate, a few horses are thrown into the plot for good measure.