Kentucky Flame

Taking a break! Returning summer 2018!

Horse trainer Melody O’Shea is returning to Royalty Farm in Simpsonville, Kentucky. Her father has built it into the greatest American Saddlebred show stable in the country, but now he needs her help. Mel’s homecoming is bittersweet because the farm is also home to the secret daughter she gave up for adoption. Her pride had kept her from telling the father about the child. She never expected he’d come back as well.

Popular American Saddlebred horse trainer Jake Hendricks has come to take charge of Royalty Farm, but when the main barn goes up in flames, Jake finds the farm is in more trouble than he expected. He’s always been married to his work, but with the return of the one woman he never stopped loving, his heart could be in trouble, too.

As they prepare for the World’s Champion Horse Show, Mel grapples with the mistakes of her past. She’s fallen off a lot of horses in her life. The trick is to get back on and try again. Does she have the courage to try again with Jake? But as the danger escalates, Mel and Jake must work together to discover who’s threatening Mel’s life and the safety of their daughter. Is there enough of an ember in the ashes of their past to reignite the flames of love?


Amazon Review: As a recovering horse lover, I found ‘Kentucky Flame’ frustrating…Ms Scarbrough’s story brought back so many wonderful memories that have been too long repressed. Horse hugs, the smells of horse, tack and stables, and the freedom of “Rack on!”…mixed with a delightful romance that non-horsey people will enjoy as much as I did. ‘Kentucky Flame’ has just enough horse for horse lovers but not too much for the innocent. Ms Scarbrough’s accuracy in writing about riding and the American Saddlehorse is perfection but not intrusive to the relationship re-developing between riders and trainers-Melody and Jake. This is everyone’s love story that deals with hurt, healing, trust, and absolute love. What more could anyone ask for in a present-day story that includes the exquisite beauty of Kentucky, the equine elegance of the American Saddlebred horse, and a delicious love story between two characters who belong together? So, all I can say is “Read On!” ‘Kentucky Flame’ will make you glad you did.
Reviewer: Julia Casca, Amazon

The Romance Studio Review: There are a myriad of characters involved in telling this compelling story. How they intertwine is the essence of this latest offering. The relationship between Mel and Jake is so touching that I couldn’t wait to turn the pages. I had no idea how the suspenseful slant to the storyline would work itself out. This was definitely not a usual, cookie-cutter book. I highly recommend this latest in Scarbrough’s series. Her sensuality is sensitive but not overpowering. The chemistry evident throughout the book is just another reason to pick up this book. You will see that she deserves a place on your automatic read list.” Reviewer: Brenda Talley


I am riding an American Saddlebred named Belle during one of my weekly lessons.

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