Kentucky Cowboy


Kentucky Cowboy 200 300Bluegrass Reunion series: standalone stories about second chances

Warmhearted and wonderful… Kentucky Cowboy is a keeper.
–Bestselling Author Joanne Rock

Professional bull rider Judd Romeo is a contender for the world title. He defies death for a living. But now he must deal with the death of his mother by settling her estate. Returning home to Kentucky, the PBR cowboy runs smack dab into the arms of his high school sweetheart, a woman he’s never forgotten.

Veterinarian Mandy Sullivan learned early on that risk-takers are trouble. Having custody of her sister’s child, she works hard to be both mother and father to the abandoned girl. When trouble shows up next door, Mandy discovers she can’t avoid her former beau. Will she take a second chance and risk her heart this time?

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Amazon Review:Ms. Scarbrough must either be a die hard fan of bull riding or did a lot of research of the sport of bull riding and interviews with bull riders because she really relates to the passion these young men have. When Judd rides for the world championship is most certainly based on the winning ride of Justin McBride at the Vegas finals a few years ago. Gutsy and heart stopping.”

The Bluegrass Reunion series video uses old cover. Kentucky Cowboy, Kentucky Woman and Kentucky Flame

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Bluegrass Reunion Series romances are about second chances:
  • Kentucky Cowboy — Bull rider/veterinarian — She dumped him in high school, because he was a risk-taker.
  • Kentucky Woman — Banker/exercise rider — She loved him when she was a teenager, but they never connected.
  • Kentucky Flame — American Saddlebred Horse trainers — She had his baby, but he left not knowing the truth.
  • Kentucky Groom — Teacher/software designer and Saddlebred groom — She can’t afford to fall in love with a lowly groom.
  • Kentucky Bride — American Saddlebred Horse trainer/CEO — She rejected him once, but he’s willing to try again.
  • Kentucky Heat — Country music singer/artist — She doesn’t need to take on another project, but he won’t take no for an answer. (Sequel to Kentucky Bride.)
  • Kentucky Rain — Divorced single mom/security consultant — She has responsibilities to her daughter and herself, not to the handsome guy next door. (Mentions characters from Kentucky Cowboy.)
  • Kentucky Blue Bloods—Kentucky horse breeder/British thoroughbred breeder and owner—She wants to save the family horse farm, but he has other ideas.

Each romance in the Bluegrass Reunion series stands alone, yet all books have a similar theme: the importance of family and second chances. All books are set in Kentucky. When appropriate, I add a few horses in the plot for good measure.

Bluegrass Reunion: They thought the men they loved were out of their lives. They were wrong.