Brody: The Montana McKenna’s

Brody_200-300Home…it’s where you go when your past, present, and future collide.

When rancher James McKenna is critically injured in a riding accident, his wife calls his daughter and stepson home for a family meeting. Ironically, home is just where stepson Brody Caldera wants to be. He’s taking stock of his life—past, present, and future. Can the champion bull rider turn his life around and make up for his past mistakes?

Single mom Stephanie Chambers hopes to keep her daughter away from man who deserted them years ago. But the spunky ten-year-old is enamored by the famous cowboy, and Stef’s best intentions are side-tracked from day one. She’s made a life for herself and her daughter, but Brody’s return challenges what she knows about herself and that life she’s created.

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“Fans of cowboy romance will enjoy this series.” Night Owl Romance

Amazon Review: 5-Stars—This series was a page turner—I would have given a bigger rating if I could. It pretty much traveled thru the families lives one at a time. This was a well put together boxed set. You don’t find that often. You feel like you are going thru the chapter but all of a sudden you are on to the next persons life. Great writing.

Review: “For a short read this book had a lot of depth and feeling in it and the author did a fantastic job of letting you get to know the main characters and connect with them and the other characters in the story.  The plot was interesting and kept you turning the pages to see what would happen next.” – Cocktails and Books 
The Montana Ranchers Series by Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James
The Montana McKennas
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Two o’clock a.m.
Chicago, Illinois

He was home.

Brody Caldera’s heart quickened as he turned the key to the door of his high rise apartment on North Sheridan Road. When she helped him pick it out soon after they met two years ago, she had loved the apartment’s “million dollar view” of Lake Michigan. The location was trendy and close to downtown and her job at an up-and-coming ad agency. The apartment was “to-die for,” and she said she’d be very happy living there between Brody’s “business” trips.

Yeah, Lori Ann was spoiled, all right. He gave her anything and everything she wanted. But why not? He could afford it, and what else did he have to spend his money on but the woman he loved. . Since the day he met her at a promotional event for the Professional Bull Riders, he’d been head-over-heels in love with her. And she with him. They were a perfect match for each other. There was just something right about them together. And one day they’d get married and make beautiful blond babies together. Maybe soon.

Even after all this time, he adored her. Still bought her clothes and jewelry. Still had hot sex with her. That’s why he’d caught an early plane home. He wanted to surprise her this morning and kiss her awake.

His adrenalin surged just like it did when he was about to climb down on the back of a seventeen-hundred-pound bull. Brody slowly turned the doorknob, so he wouldn’t make noise and wake Lori Ann. She wasn’t expecting him.

What the hell? Every light in the place was on. He blinked his eyes against the glare off the bank of windows that faced the lake.

Cocking his head to the side, Brody stood at the threshold and surveyed the strange sight in the fashionable, black-and-white living room Lori Ann had decorated. It didn’t look like their peaceful living space. It looked like a scene from a college frat party. Not that he would know firsthand, of course. He’d never gone to college and never been to a frat party, but he had a good imagination.

Furniture was shoved back against the walls. Empty glasses and plates littered the glass tabletops. Cigarette butts filled several ashtrays. He’d never had an ashtray in the apartment in his whole time living there.

Lori Ann didn’t smoke. And folks didn’t smoke in Montana where he came from. He’d learned his lesson the hard way. He’d tried it once out behind the barn. His stepfather had caught him and tanned his hide. His mom had given him the “what for” too. Told him smoking interfered with drawing in the clean mountain air. It made riding and roping harder work with lungs full of crap. They were right.

Tightening his jaw, Brody took a step inside, dropped his duffle bag by the entrance, and shut the door behind him. He turned slowly, absorbing the dead silence of the place and drawing in a pungent scent of skunk.

He’d smelled it before on the streets of Chicago as he biked. He’d smelled it on sidewalks in the Loop and on the “L.”

Brody walked over to the glass coffee table and looked down at the ashtrays that weren’t filled with cigarette butts, but paper-wrapped joints.

Someone had been smoking marijuana.

So that explained it. Lori Ann had been acting strange for six months. He’d overlooked red flags because he had wanted to. But now he couldn’t. The tightening of his gut told him he’d been a fool.

A damn fool.

A pair of man’s leather, wingtip shoes kicked off by the black leather sofa told him the same thing.

Brody strode toward his bedroom, the one he shared with Lori Ann, and turned on the light switch beside the door. The overhead chandelier illuminated the king-size bed beneath it.

Looked like some other man had been enjoying the fruits of his labor.

The spectacle rocked him. Brody planted his legs wide for balance, anger rolling through the length of his slim, muscular body.

So this is what betrayal feels like.