Kentucky Heat

Taking a break! Returning later in 2018!

Playboy Hank Brennan stopped caring about the family business years ago when his superhero stepbrother takes control. Hank can’t win at anything, let alone please his critical father who believes oil paint and canvas are poor substitutes for responsibility and hard work. But Hank is a talented painter with an artist’s soul. Who better to understand a down-on-his-luck, starving artist than another performer with the voice of an angel?

Raylynn Walker is a part-time country music singer at night and a horse trainer by day. She’s been wounded too, but doesn’t need to fix another lost soul. Yet she recognizes Hank’s talent, and he sure turns her on. Is he really a jerk, or is there more to Hank Brennan than anyone knows?

Reviews and Awards

4 1/2 Hearts The Romance Studio Review
Hank Brennan is a struggling artist with no interest in getting involved in the family business if he doesn’t succeed. One night while drowning his sorrows, he meets Raylynn Walker, a woman with the voice of an angel. She’s the inspiration he needs to help kick-start his career and hopefully help him make something of himself that will impress the likes of his father.

This story was a very romantic tale with an incredible plot of a hero that doesn’t give himself enough credit in achieving the things in life that he could. The teasing dialogue between Raylynn and Hank made for great reading, and folded over into a really hot sex scene. What I liked about Raylynn was her willingness to help Hank with his dream of becoming an artist with the help of his sister-in-law. While with Hank, I liked how he involved himself in helping Raylynn with her singing career because both of them had bright futures ahead if only they had the right inspiration. Although Raylynn didn’t need to concentrate on her singing career as she had other endeavours in her life worth pursuing.

Overall, Kentucky Heat was a great short story and can be read as a stand-alone. However, in saying that, it has got me eager to read the others of this series.

Bluegrass Reunions eries: standalone stories about second chances

Although each romance in the Bluegrass Reunion series stands alone, all books are about second chances and are set in Kentucky. In keeping with the Bluegrass theme, when appropriate, a few horses are thrown into the plot for good measure.