To Tweet or Not to Tweet

My Lord RavenI have to admit I didn’t use Twitter very much until a year ago. Then I heard another author admit her sales had increased once she started using it.

Author Marie Dunn says “I tweet to connect with my readers and other authors… and sometimes just to express random thoughts.”

Hmmmm, I said to self. And then I thought I’d try twittering harder. (Funny how our vocabulary has changed, isn’t it?).

For a while last year, I belonged to an online service that helped me find followers. I read that you needed to connect to your followers personally. I’m still not so sure how that happens when I follow almost 2500 people and the tweets pour into my home page 20 or more at a time. But when someone retweets me, I try to thank him. I try to respond to a personal tweet. I’m even part of a group of romance writers who tweet for each other.

How has it worked out? Well, I had my best year this year in sales. I can’t attribute it all to tweeting. Last year, I began blogging once a week too. Who knows what works in social media?

You need to write short when you tweet. And design your text for “usability.” Here are a few tips from an article called Twitter Postings: Iterative Design.

  • Front load attractive keywords.
  • Be specific.
  • Leave slack in your original post if you expect followers to share it (below 130 characters).
  • Don’t tweet on the hour. This author prefers 9:01 a.m. to reach from California to the U.K.

Here are a few of my compositions this year:

Tired of snow? Think KY Derby & spring! Horse races, charity parties and romance in one book: BETTING ON LOVE

KY COWBOY What happens when a pro bull rider comes home? Bull riding is America’s original extreme sport. #PBR

He was so powerful. The ultimate warrior. She was his quarry. MY LORD RAVEN #Medieval

TANGLED MEMORIES If you liked ‘Rebecca’ or ‘Jane Eyre,’ you are going to love this story. #Gothic #Romance


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