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timeless-revised-7272014-smSylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, John Edward, and Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, are well-known psychic mediums who are part of our popular culture. Believe them or not, they all bring messages of love from the spirit world.

When I was presented with the cover of Timeless and the idea of a child ghost, I needed a character who could communicate with her. Enter Jeff Halstead, the hero and my reluctant medium.

As I was writing Timeless, I mentioned the book to my medium friend Dale. She told me something fascinating. My spirit guides where helping me write it! And having a good time doing it!

As I mentioned in my blog about Inspiration, the definition of “inspiration” says this creativity is a gift of the Holy Spirit. As easy as Timeless was to write, I believe I had some supernatural help writing it.

I met Dale several years ago at a “psychic faire” in Jeffersonville, Indiana. When I discovered she taught continuing education classes at night, I took a couple. Later, I attended her workshops and meditations at her home, and occasionally scheduled readings. I’ve learned many things from Dale over the years—the most important is to trust my writing and the voices in my head that help me do it.

Like the more famous mediums, Dale has also written a book, or more correctly, Dale channeled the book that was actually written by her joy guide Daisy.

Dale explains: Our Joy Guides are magical in their efforts to help us in all our adventures, as well as our daily lives. Daisy’s book will help you in many ways to recognize your Joy Guide and the many other Angels, teachers, and guides… but will also help you know how to get to know your own Joy Guide.

From Daisy: As a fairy guide, I am here to help you understand more about your world and mine.

Daisy, My Life as a Joy Guide can be purchased at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. And although Dale has moved away from the Louisville, Kentucky, area, you can still reach her at her website where you can schedule a reading over the phone.

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