Time Travel: Back to the Future

Christ Church United Methodist VBS

Christ Church United Methodist VBS

This week I’ve stepped back in time to my early thirties. That’s when I was mom to a five-year-old boy and his slightly older sister. For the first time since then, I have another five-year-old boy spending the week with me. He’s one of my seven grandsons. It’s been an odd re-education, one that brings back tons of memories.

I’d forgotten about the jumping and climbing, the dirty socks, cookie crumbs and constant chatter. I’d forgotten about the long, sloppy baths, the cowlicks, and the boo-boos.

You see, this weekend I’m playing chauffeur to my grandson and his six-year-old cousin by dropping off and picking up at Vacation Bible School. Their parents work and just can’t manage time away from the job. In my day, my mom and dad helped up with these chores, stepping in to provide summer “day care” and chauffeur services. Now it’s my turn in the cycle.

How easily I’d forgotten the disagreements between children, whether siblings or cousins. New is the handheld computer games. We didn’t have those things back then. “Let me have a turn.” “Please share!” New is the whining. Did my children whine? Certainly not.

I’m thankful my grandchildren have a good start in life thanks to their parents. Discipline has been easy. Probably much easier than I had it as a mom. Kids don’t listen to their own parents, do they?

I write this on “hump day.” Two nights and two days to go. I’m taking a big leap of faith and inviting the six-year-old granddaughter to sleep over tomorrow night. We’re wearing them out at the pool before bringing them home for bed!

It’s been an exhausting week for me. I haven’t had any trouble making my 10,000 step count on my pedometer or falling asleep. What’s the cliché? Children are for the young?

Yet, it’s been a good week. Will I do it next year? Let me get back to you on that.

You know what they always say? The best part about being a grandparent is you can always send them home to their parents. Can it be that Friday is just around the corner?


  1. Stars in your crown, Jan!

  2. Anne Blair says:

    This is soooo true…great writing!!!

  3. Have fun, Jan! It will be over before you know it. Little boys are so awesome to have around!

  4. Janice Hougland says:

    Oh, boy, do I ever hear you, Jan! Hello from another Jan, by the way. 🙂 I’m a grandmother too…and after a weekend of child sitting (no more babies), my hubby and I are exhausted! I have to admit that it is exhilarating to be around my grandchildren, to learn how they think and talk and about their likes and dislikes. It is definitely a whirlwind of activity. I love them dearly, but I have to agree that having children is for the younger couples! It takes a great deal of energy (physical and mental) to raise children in this complex world of ours. No more is it a lifestyle of the Waltons, where, I think, life may have been hard in some respects, but not as hectic as today. jdh2690@gmail.com

  5. I agree with Jan, my wife, that children are for the young. And on Thursday when our granddaughter spent the night, or so we thought. I ended up taking her home at 10pm. I remember having to do that with my daughter when she was about that age. It was a fun week for me because Jan did all the work. She is great Grandmother and wife.

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