Throwback Thursday: My first novel contributes to current ones

When I was in junior high school, I wrote my first book. It was a group project dreamed up by my girlfriends and me. You see, we had our own little fan club. I’m dating myself when I tell you the name of the group—the Beatles.

We were Beatle fans, which was not uncommon back then. Some of us were true Beatlemaniacs while the others were just along for the ride. We were the Lassies: Julie, Susan, Karen, Deane and me. We met at slumber parties (sleepovers to you youngsters). We ate pizza, drank grape ale (grape juice and ginger ale), listened to Beatle records (using record players), and talked about boys.

Some of us even saw the Fab Four. I saw them twice—screaming and then sobbing when I saw them the first time as they ran to the second base stage at the Atlanta baseball stadium.

The point of this remembrance isn’t really about the Beatles. It’s about how my friends and I wrote our first novel—one chapter at a time. We each took turns writing a chapter until we finished the book.

This practice came in handy when my writing buddy Maddie James and I did the same thing. The Montana McKenna’s Prequel was written one chapter at a time. Maddie wrote the first one. I followed, dropping a bomb at the end of chapter two that Maddie had to deal with. We had a general agreement about where we were going with the story, but didn’t know how we were going to get there. It was fun!

The Montana McKenna’s Prequel is the love story of James and Liz that sets up the Montana Ranchers Series. You can find out if we pulled off the prequel by going to Amazon.

And if you want to know how far my writing skills have come…here is a snippet from our novel Were You Dreaming?

Five girls were warming up on the stage. They were dressed in matching black, brown, tan, and red kilts, white silk blouses with puffy sleeves, black vests, and black alligator and leather stacked heels. They were young and very attractive.

“We’re ready, sir,” the black headed girl said as she picked up her electric guitar.

“All right, go right a’ead,” a man said.

He was sitting in the middle of the empty auditorium. Beside him sat a short blond.

“Ready, Lassies?” the girl asked her mates.

“Checkers!” they answered.

“All right, Jan.”

Jan stepped up to the mike, tested it and said, “Our first number is a song Julie and I wrote. It’s called Volcano.” She stepped back into her place and screamed, “One, two, three, Fa!”

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