Spring cleaning—to toss or keep? That is the question.

My non-writing goal for 2018 is to clean out each drawer and closet in my house. Ambitious, I know. Starting the project this weekend, I sorted through stuff in a small drawer by my bed. There I found an audio diskette entitled “In-Depth Look at the Contemporary Market” from the 1996 Romance Writers of America (RWA) convention in Dallas, Texas. Wow! How the writing world has changed since 1996.

Two years after that convention, I sold my first paperback book to Kensington. Then my second. When my agent didn’t work out, a few years later I contracted with a small publishing company that sold their books as ebooks. Today I publish my books myself—with the help of a techy husband, a fantastic editor who keeps me honest, and a variety of cover artists.

I’m going to toss that diskette in the trash. I’ve no need to listen to it again. It’s ancient history, isn’t it?

I wonder what I’ll find as I continue the “spring cleaning.” What memories will I uncover and choose to donate or place in the yard sale? Or will I keep the stuff, unwilling to part with the memories?

I’m told cleaning out and purging stuff is good for the soul. What about you? Do you believe in cleaning house, downsizing, minimalizing? Have you found items you’ve forgotten in the spring cleaning process? Or would you rather put it off for another day?

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