Self-publishing—A Brave New World

Betting 200-300Exciting things are happening for me! I’m self-publishing a book thanks to the technical help of my husband. After his day job as a computer programmer ends, he spends time learning the ins and outs of self-publishing. He’s better suited to the task than I am.

Bill has already uploaded Betting on Love to iTunes. Tonight, he promises to work on Amazon.

I have to share with you a little history of Betting On Love. Originally, it was called A Man of Her Own and published by Resplendence Publishing in 2008. They published a nice trade paperback, and put the electronic version on various sites—but never on Kindle!

When Resplendence gave me my rights, I dived into the book for a cleanup. Then my terrific, freelance editor Karen Block got a hold of the manuscript. Her editing has caught things that I, as the author, have missed. The book is better for her editing.

My friend, KJ Jacobs provided the cover. Isn’t it terrific? That’s cover model Jimmy Thomas in the picture. Who cares about the identity of the woman?

Betting On Love: When Bluegrass chef Lane Williams meets Sarah Colby, a romantic virgin with a head full of fairy tales and a matchmaking aunt, his bachelor days are threatened.


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