Perspective: we’ve always had it hard

Christmas 1968 & 1969

Christmas 1968 & 1969

In 2012, I wrote a blog called Recalling History Gives Meaning to Today. The blog reflected on my book A Groovy Christmas and the history of 1968 I had researched when writing it. I won’t lie. I remember 1968 vividly. I was a carefree teenager back then.

I thought about that blog recently because A Groovy Christmas is on sale for November and December. Also the blog had a profound message: no time has been easy, but humans have survived a heck of a lot.

And that message came to mind this year especially. In the USA, we’re all tired of “the election games.” No more needs to be said. Man-made events such as ISIS-inspired attacks in Europe and the United States, and a wave of homicides in major cities, including my own, dominated the news. Natural occurrences, usually called weather, such as hurricanes and earthquakes made life miserable for some. Personally, it has been a year of family and health issues.

Bottom line: Life is tough. Nobody tells you that when you are a kid. As bad as this year has been, other years have been just as bad. Or worse. It is a matter of perspective, or degrees. Was 2016 worse than 2001? Or 1942? What about the Great Depression years?

In Sunday school this week, the lesson was about the Book of Job. The message? In essence bad things happen to good people, but God is always with us.

Faith is important for humankind simply because life is so hard and uncertain. Faith gives you hope, something to believe in that is greater than yourself. That’s the way I see it.

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