Outlander on Starz 1968 brings back memories

Season 3 of Outlander picks up with Jamie and Claire separated by continents and centuries. I’ve especially enjoyed the scenes with Claire and Brianna in 1968. Why? Because that’s the year I graduated from high school.

And yes, we dressed like that. We had big hair or straight hair like Brianna. We wore textured stockings, bell-bottoms, pea coats and “John Lennon” caps. The skinny slacks Claire wore were also the fashion, especially, I think, in America.

The summer of 1968 my parents gave me a graduation present to study for six weeks in Nottingham, England. Being from Tennessee, I suspect we were more conservative in our dress than they may have been in Boston. At the time, skirts came to our knees. We were not yet wearing mini-skirts. I bought my first one in England that summer. I bought a pair of black high heel shoes with thick, clunky heels, and a tweed coat something like Claire’s. Oh, and I bought my first pair of pantyhose in England. I’d never seen them in America, but you needed them if you wore a mini-skirt.

We didn’t wear slacks much then and certainly not to school. I remember being impressed by the longer length trousers worn by the adorable English school boys. They laughed at American girls and our short slacks. It wasn’t until the fall of 1968, my freshman year in college, that I walked all the way downtown and bought my first pair of blue jeans to wear around campus. However, for a few more years, we went to classes in skirts and sweaters. Not like today when I can go into my corporate office in blue jeans. Times have changed.

Did you notice the avocado green refrigerator? I think I had a brown one like that. Heck, I had a green washer and dryer for years.

I’ve written about the “way it was” in 1968 in A Groovy Christmas. In my blogs have explored lessons learned from looking once more at the past.

However, watching Outlander simply brings back good memories, creating nostalgia for a time when everything to me was new and exciting.

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