Notes from group therapy: happiness and depression

SECRETS200-300Back in the day, I went to group therapy every week for eighteen months. It changed the way I looked at life, and I’ve credited it for “saving my life” in many respects. Being the perfectionist only child that I am, I took notes about the things I was learning, and later I typed them up.

I thought I’d share the notes with you in hopes that you too may discover something new.


I am the cause of my own personal happiness.

If I am unhappy, it’s because I am screwing up somewhere.

All you’ve got is what is going on right now: the present. Live in the present.

Realize the world is a vale of tears.

If you believe external things will make you happy, then you must be in control of them.


Depression means you are not in control.

Everyone is depressed. You must fight depression.

Depression is a feeling of helplessness.

Anger turned inside is depression.

You get depressed at the advent of a major change in your life. You are anticipating loss and sadness.

If you can be in charge of depression, you can feel better about it because you are in control. So when you get depressed, make yourself more depressed. That way you are in control of it.


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