Notes from group therapy: birth order and creating your life

REUNION 200-300Back in the day, I went to group therapy every week for eighteen months. It changed the way I looked at life, and I’ve credited it for “saving my life” in many respects. Being the perfectionist only child that I am, I took notes about the things I was learning, and later I typed them up.

In keeping with last week’s blog on Birth Order, I thought I’d share the notes from Group on Birth Order.

These are tendencies of each order:

  • First born focus: the right way or no way
  • Middle born focus: all way or no way
  • Last born focus: my way or no way
  • Only born focus is a confusion among all three. (I knew there was something wrong with me!)
Creating your life
  • We orchestrate our lives either consciously or unconsciously.
  • I don’t have to give control of my life over to another.
  • Major things in life happen by chance. Learn to create your own happenstance.
  • Choose to become imperfect, not a victim.
  • If you get what you want from a situation, celebrate that gain.


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