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Horse fix for December 13, 2012: CH Mr. Snuffleupagus, barn name Snuffy. CH means Snuffy is a champion American Saddlebred “walk trot” horse. He had a wonderful career as a show horse and is much loved in the barn as a lesson horse. Tonight’s lesson was practicing holding the reins correctly with my thumbs pressed down on the top rein.

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. Confucius

There is nothing permanent except change. Heraclitus

Change brings opportunity. Nido Qubein

I needed a change. I was tired of my website and its clunky table structure that gave me trouble when I updated it using an old copy of Dreamweaver. I wanted something sleek and modern instead. I was also tired of my tagline: Home, Hearth and Horses. Although many of my books are set in horse country, I write about a wider range of subjects.

Looking for design help, I thought about my cousin’s daughter-in-law Tracy ( Tracy gave me what I wanted, even though I’m still undecided about WordPress. If you’ve made it to this blog, you can see the results by going to the home page and looking around. What do you think? Do you like the simplicity of the design?

I’ve blogged before with the Sisterwriters, and I know it can be a chore. I also know if I’ve promised a blog, I must follow through. Okay. So I’m going to plan on blogging Thursday nights. I still work a day job, and Thursdays is my riding lesson night. If nothing else, I’ll always post a “horse fix.” Even at my age, I need a weekly horse fix. Keeps me out of trouble.

So, here goes. I’m embracing change. Taking that leap of faith. Tally-ho!


  1. Love the new site. Clean design but found the fonts on the home page a bit hard to read on the grey background.

  2. Nice site Design… love the new look of website.
    Christmas cards designs are too good 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

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