My favorite horses

janhorseI was challenged by a friend on Facebook to post pictures of my favorite horses. Heck, how can I do that? There are so many.

My love of horses started in the fourth grade when I fell in love with The Black Stallion books by Walter Farley. It progressed to riding lessons at the local stable. I remember a big horse named Rogue that was “an ex-steeple chaser.” Let’s just say jumping fences and falling off didn’t agree with me, but I never gave up my love for horses.

Later, enter my own daughter who announced at age nine she wanted to take riding lessons. That began my love affair with the American Saddlebred. I’ve taking riding lessons almost every week for thirty years, and I’m still learning. I’ve owned three American Saddlebreds—a dream come true for me: Mr. Too Little, Royal Tierra, and Starhart’s Heritage. I’ve also ridden a few champion saddlebreds in my lessons: Captain Gillian, Mr. Snuffleupagus, A Taste of Champagne, and Take Me Away. They are my favorites, along with some very special lesson horses: Lyric, Larrikin, Beau, Magic, Preston, Marty, Dan, Juanita, Snickers, Tobias, and the list goes on and on.

Living in Kentucky I’ve been privileged to see and even meet a few famous thoroughbred horses: Monarchos, Mine That Bird, Smarty Jones, Big Brown, Dynaformer, Cigar, Funny Cide, Pulpet, Danzig, and Seeking the Gold. I have other favorites like Zenyatta, Barbaro, California Chrome, Rachel Alexandra and on and on.

When I write novels about Kentucky, I love to slip in a horse or two. Sometimes the plot of the whole book revolves around horses—like Kentucky Flame and my November release Kentucky Blue Bloods.

2001 Monarchos  big brown  FunnyCideDerby-Photo(c)BarbaraLivingston(small-cropped)

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