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Welcome Janet Eaves who joins us to talk about Return to Legend.
What do you like about writing the Ladies of Legend series?

There are several things I love about this series. The first being the way it was conceived and built upon by the four of us writing the Ladies of Legend stories. The initial concept wasn’t a concept at all, but a writing exercise we all did while emailing each other all those years ago. That sparked us wanting to place all of our characters in the town we deemed Legend, Tennessee, and have the characters interact with the other authors’ characters in a way that made it seem as if one writer was writing the series. Those first four books are so interconnected we’ve had many great reviews acknowledging that we succeeded in our cohesiveness quest. I love that we built this town by street, store, home location, and even placed it on the earth in an area that made it completely plausible. The warmth of this community we’ve built into over twenty books between us is still fresh and still building. And, perhaps, the greatest thing about the Ladies of Legend books is the ongoing relationship I have with the other Ladies of Legend authors.

Who is your favorite Legend character?

This is a difficult one. I fall in love with my characters as they reveal themselves to me when allowing me to write their stories. But if I had to choose one, I think it would be my heroine, who plays a large part in the very first Legend book (Claiming the Legend) before having her own story in Crescent Moon. Polly Chapman is capable of using lethal abilities to protect and serve her country, but a heart of gold as well, inside a body and mind that are brutally broken by the despicable man who destroyed her faith in humanity, and more importantly, in herself. The only option for her now is either to allow the hot young man sent to put her back together, to cure her, or he will be forced to follow orders, and kill her.

What is the appeal of Legend, Tennessee, and small-town life?

Small towns are like rosebuds… or onions… depending on your perspective. There are many layers. And as you peel them back one by one, the next layer is exposed, and the scent released. From my take, which is more romantic suspense than sweet romance, I love digging into what happens below the beautiful surface of this quaint little town. Although I love navigating the wonderfully old-fashioned streets. All towns have their secrets, and some have the ability to rock the rest of community to its core. But the great thing about Legend is these people love and protect each other, whether they are from generations of Legendarians, or if they just move to Legend to make a new life… or even if they are returning to Legend, because the grass wasn’t greener anywhere else. There is always a reason someone comes to Legend, or chooses to stay, and those things are what make up life. And I think, although we always have a happy-ending in our Legend books, that readers can get lost in both the fantasy and reality that makes up these stories.

My Story in Return to Legend is Crossroads. The heroine in this story was introduced in the first Legend book as well, only then she was a teenager with a bad reputation she wasn’t solely responsible for acquiring. Now she is back and must face the ghosts of her past, while trying to navigate her way into a better future for herself and her son…

There is no way anyone could have ever convinced Sharon Clark she’d one day return to Legend, Tennessee. 

With her mother playing the leading role of the town slut when Sharon was growing up; with the townspeople either pitying her or looking down their noses at her all her young life; with the child she’d carried and hidden from the town’s prying eyes and expected condemnation all those years ago, going back now is just not an option…

But desperation has a way of changing everything.

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The boxed set includes the novellas: Crossroads by Janet Eaves, Heart to Heart by Jan Scarbrough, Star-Crossed by Maddie James, and Second Chances by Magdalena Scott.


Bestselling, multi-published author, Janet Eaves, invites others to take a walk through her imagination. Fast-paced, richly crafted characters, and complicated plots, are what she loves to read and what she always strives to write.


  1. Janet Eaves says:

    Thank you so much for hosting me, Jan! It’s a pleasure writing this series with you, Maddie, and Magdalena!

  2. Janet, it has been fun. Let’s do it again!

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