Legend, Tennessee, exists in the minds of its authors and the hearts of its readers


!LOVE-LEGEND-FINDINGHOME-PRINTsmThe original four stories are available again in paperback!

Legend, Tennessee, is the creative invention of four authors—Jan Scarbrough, Magdalena Scott, Janet Eaves, and Maddie James.

Legend, Tennessee: Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the city of Legend boasts of small town pride and southern elegance. Porches are still for sitting and troubles for one family affect the entire community.  This is the place where women from different backgrounds find purpose, love—and their futures—in a town intent on preserving its past.

The books set in Legend is part of the Ladies of Legend series. The launch book for the series was a set of four novellas written by four storytellers, about four women ready to start again. Different backgrounds, one town, all searching for home, in one way or another.

The novel, Finding Home, is a compilation of the four currently published eBook novellas listed above, and may vary slightly from the original versions. Finding Home is not an anthology or a collection of the four novellas, but a complete women’s fiction novel that incorporates the four stories. It is FREE on Amazon and other ebook outlets.

It all started when, in the summer of 2007, the four of us were online chatting to each other at the same time. We were discussing having trouble getting into our writing. To solve that problem, someone suggested we each take the name of our first pet and the name of a street where we had lived, create a character, and just start writing.

Then we talked about having all of our characters live in the same small town. What would we name the town? Janet Eaves was sitting at her home office desk looking at a very large wall map. She saw the Legend of the map in the bottom right hand corner and asked if we liked the name Legend, Tennessee. From that we decided our fictitious town would be set at the base of the mountains close to Gatlinburg.

Not caring for the name Sissy Pasadena, I pulled out an old manuscript that had made the rounds at Harlequin. It was about a high school class reunion in a small town. I made adjustments to fit the new setting and offered The Reunion Game as my first book for the Ladies of Legend series.

Since then, the Ladies of Legend series has grown with more novels and novellas by all four authors. The series even has its own website.



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