Kitten on the Keys

My cat Folly watching me write.

My cat Folly watching me write.

Readers don’t know what a hard time we novelists have writing all of those great books for them to read. They just don’t understand how difficult it is to work in a home where pets live.

For one thing, cats love to walk on your keyboard. They love to rub up against you and flick that fluffy tail in your nose. They love to play with the mouse cord or shred your paper outline or important notes.

Then there are the dogs. One is always under your feet so you can’t scoot your chair around for fear of running over little paws. Another one is always poking you with a nose, asking to go outside, or once outside, barking to come in. Then the other one likes to knock your hand with a nose, pushing it up so you can’t type, but have to pat the furry head or scratch behind an ear.

Working at home with pets is just tough, especially in the afternoon when all of them are taking their afternoon naps, but you are still sitting at the keyboard. Sigh! What a life!

But one I wouldn’t change for anything.

How about you? Do you have a pet problem when you try to work on the computer?


Horse fix for Thursday: CH A Taste of Champagne, barn name Buster. I rode Buster at the trot, slow gait and rack. He’s a game horse even at his age and a challenge to ride.



  1. Great post. I’m lucky compared to most of my pet-owning fellow authors. (And when I say pet-owning we all know it means ‘owned by the pet’) My cat, Binky, is not all that demanding. But I often write in the recliner with my laptop. She loves to sit on the arm of the recliner and will lick my hands. Now that’s distracting. But at least she’s not dancing on the keyboard. I guess I should give an extra treat for not interrupting my work.

  2. Linda, I love your cat’s name. I had a dog named Binky once. His companion dog was Baby. Get it? Baby had a Binky. Ha! ha!

    • LOL. When I adopted her, she was named Minnie. I couldn’t live with that. She has this weird sucking habit. Doesn’t suck on anything, just air. But it’s a self-comforting thing she does, I believe. So I named her Binky and she responded to the name.

  3. Spot is no problem when I’m working, as he has that Perfect Dog image to uphold. BUT. Attila is almost always causing some kind of havoc. He’s leaving me alone at this moment because he is sitting in the window seat watching the freezing rain come down. Thank goodness for interesting weather to distract the Cat!

  4. We have three demanding dogs. They often grab my attention at the most inconvenient times and squirm their way into a storyline because of their need for the spotlight!

    I couldn’t help but smile while reading your post. Thanks, Jan!
    Destiny 🙂

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