Kentucky Rain Release 3/20/2013

Kentucky Rain

Kentucky Rain

I’m excited about the release of the latest novella in my Bluegrass Reunion Series for Resplendence Publishing. My new editor calls the story “heartwarming.” I hope so!

You see, it took me a long time to be able to write a divorced heroine. Funny thing about my Bluegrass Reunion Series books with their single moms—none dealt with divorce. The heroines were unwed mothers, widows, or aunts. Although I’ve been there, done that, I never tackled the perils of being a divorced, single parent.

Once soon after my divorce, I tried writing about it. An editor friend told me I sounded too bitter. So I ditched that idea and went on to something else.

Yet, I was able to write about being a single parent. Ex-jockey Alexis Marsden in Kentucky Woman can’t give her son what he needs, so she agrees to a marriage of convenience. In Kentucky Flame, Horse trainer Melody O’Shea comes home to a famed American Saddlebred farm which is also the home of her daughter, the secret baby she gave up for private adoption.

Carrie Mercer in Kentucky Groom can’t possibly be falling in love with the groom at her daughter’s stable. She’s a widowed mother with heavy responsibilities. Veterinarian Mandy Sullivan in Kentucky Cowboy has custody of her sister’s child. She doesn’t count on trouble showing up next door in the form of her ex-boyfriend, now a champion bull rider.

For more details about my series, check out my March feature at The Romance Studio.

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