I’ve had enough of winter

horse parkI’m just about done with winter 2014. Okay, the past few winters have spoiled me. I’m already tired of the cold, the snow, and the polar vortexes. Riding lessons are cancelled, batteries die, wrecks occur, and my poor car is covered with a sheet of gritty road salt. Buying wild bird seed is costing me a fortune.

The only ones who seem to like the snowy cold are my three dogs. Red, Lenny and Cadi enjoy their daily romps. Heck, they even roll in the snow!

But I’m done with it!

Okay, I shouldn’t be so pessimistic. There has to be reasons why we should be thankful for cold weather.

6 Health Benefits of Cold Weather

  • Cold weather burns more calories.
  • It brings us closer together.
  • It’s less favorable for disease-carrying bugs.
  • It makes you appreciate warmer days.
  • It reduces inflammation.
  • It allows you to focus on exercise for the right reasons.

 Health Benefits of Colder Weather

  • Cold weather kills off bacteria
  • Cold weather burns fat
  • Cold weather brings us closer to our support network
  • Cold weather helps us appreciate the good days
  • Cold weather may extend your life

Really? How come I’ve gained weight recently? It’s like I’m a bear, eating enough for my winter hibernation. But I do agree, you must take the bad to appreciate the good. It’s only 100 days before the Kentucky Derby!

Of course, the Weather Channel is all over the cold weather. In an online article, Deep Freeze’s Silver Lining: Nature Benefits, the website declares: “It may be hard to think of this week’s deep freeze as anything but miserable, but to scientists like [John] Lenters there are silver linings: The extreme cold may help raise low water in the Great Lakes, protect shorelines and wetlands from erosion, kill insect pests and slow the migration of invasive species.”

Alright, so there’s good in the cold weather. I’m still tired of it, and can’t wait for the warm breezes of spring.




  1. The weather is easier for me because I don’t have to travel in it. I worry about everyone who has to get out on the icy roads in these sub-zero temperatures! I will add a couple of things I like about cold weather in general: An excuse to drink hot tea, serve soup for supper, and stay indoors and read–or write! Stay in and stay warm. 🙂

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