It’s time to spring clean again!

spring cleaningThere’s just too much cluttering going on! I expressed my belief in spring cleaning on my March 7, 2013, blog. Everything I said then is relevant today.

But today I don’t have time to spring clean, even though I feel like on of those hoarders on TV. I’m rushing to meet a deadline for Heart to Heart. Edits for Brody will be back any time. I need to start my next Bluegrass Reunion book.

And then there’s real life: the day job, riding lessons, grandchildren, NCAA basketball! What’s a person to do?

Let’s face it. I need to retire so I can devote myself to de-cluttering. What would I do if I retired? Easy! Write, exercise, meditate, take care of grandchildren, and clean every drawer and every closet in the house!



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