It’s all about persistence and aspiration

JanDanMy personal trainer told me this week that to lose weight, it takes persistence and aspiration. He probably didn’t use the word “aspiration.” I picked it because it happens to be the name of one of my favorite lesson horses at Premier Stables—Calloway’s Aspiration—aka Dan. (You see, horses with fancy names have barn names too.)

I looked up “aspiration” in my Word thesaurus and got various suggestions—ambition, goal, objective, desire, and hope. For me, losing the weight I’d put on over the years had a lot of hope to it. I’ve been at this weight loss thing with the personal trainer since October, and I’m happy to report a small success, enough to keep me motivated.

But I’ve been persistent. Who knew I’d become a Zumba class member or try a fifty-five minute cycling class? (Ouch!) Cardio exercise is my friend. Right. If I’d only realized that twenty years ago.

Looking back, I can apply persistence and aspiration to other parts of my life. It’s been twenty-five years since I decided life was too short and if I wanted to accomplish my dream, I’d better get at it. When I tell people I write romance novels, they are impressed. Then I start apologizing—“I’m not a bestseller. I don’t have a traditional publishing career. I can’t make a living at it.”

Why do I sell myself short?

Most people have not written a novel or a novella, let alone about twenty-one of them. And most people can’t ride a horse, especially at “my age.” When I look at it that way, I’m proud of myself!

I’m proud of my small weight loss. I’m proud of every novel I’ve written. And I’m proud I can ride an American Saddlebred horse like Dan.

It just takes a little will (aspiration) and drive (persistence).

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