Is there something about your life you regret?

Lenoir City Band smI regret not being able to sing. I can’t carry a tune, and even though I sing in the church pew on Sunday, I have to be careful not to do it loudly.

You see, I come from a musical family. On my father’s side. Not my mother’s. She could not carry a tune and would not try to sing in church. But my dad’s family was all musical. His grandfather was a song leader in the 1800’s. My grandfather started the first community band in Lenoir City, Tennessee. He was a self-taught musician and gave music lessons during the depression after he lost his job at the railroad yard.

All my aunts and uncles were musical. My uncle played in a Navy band during World War II, my aunt played the organ at my wedding, and when all six Scarbrough children got together during holidays, their voices would raise in song. My father was a music major at Western Kentucky University, and the band director at Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, from 1946 to 1960. Even today I hear from former students of his on Facebook who fondly call him “Prof.”

Oh, l learned to play the clarinet and enjoyed marching in the band in high school. My children played in their high school band and sang in the church choir. With my father’s help, I passed the love of music on to them. But as much as I love it, as much as I would like to burst out in song, most people are really glad when I don’t.

What about you? Is there anything you regret? Something that you’d love to be able to do, but can’t?



  1. Perhaps you can’t sing…you are a writer…a song can’t be sung without lyrics. You made me think of my favorite singer/songwriter. Kris Kristofferson cannot sing well…he knows 3 cords on a guitar…but he is one of the most prolific and acclaimed songwriters of our time.
    My regret? I cannot draw nor paint. These are 2 things I would love to be able to do well. Sadly, stick men and lollipop trees are my limit and they are not very good. People tell me to draw/paint what I see. Apparently I see things much differently than the normal person. But…I will keep trying!

  2. Jan, my dad’s family is very musical too, as is some of my mom’s family. I have sung in choirs, but always very softly, as my voice isn’t anything great. But what I always say is this: Somebody has to be the audience! I am a fabulous and appreciative audience member, if I say so myself. 🙂

    I do regret the fact that I didn’t listen as closely as I should have, when my parents talked about their life before I came along. They had adventures, but I have only hazy recall of any of them. Let this be a lesson to all children everywhere, to always listen closely to your parents! (Haha. Like that’s going to happen.)

  3. Leigh, I’d love to be able to draw or paint too! When I draw a horse, it resembles a dog!

    Magdalena, I know music has been a big part of your family and you’ve been a wonderful cheerleader.

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