I’m a writer

At my volunteer gig yesterday, I was talking to another volunteer about piano lessons. She gave me advice, and then said to demonstrate her qualifications for that advice—I’m a musician.

Wait a minute. I’m a writer—a technical writer by day and a romance writer by night. But how often do I proclaim to others that “I’m a writer”? And say it with pride in my voice?

When asked how many romance novels I’ve written, I often hmm and haw around. Not quite sure of the answer. Embarrassed to tout my accomplishment.

I offer twenty-four individual books on my website. I’ve been working at romance writing since 1990 and technical writing before that. One of my projects is to go back to older books and polish them, bring them up to date. While doing that, I can see how much I’ve improved. I’m a better writer today than I was when I started.

But I’ve not reached my goal. I want to be better. I want to craft a better book—make my characters come alive for the readers. That’s why writing romance never gets old for me. It’s always a challenge.

My newest book Nom de Plume goes live tomorrow. It’s about my favorite theme—second chances. Often you can’t get it right the first time. Thankfully, we have the option to try again. And with each new blank page of my manuscript, I have the chance to become what I want to become—a better writer.

And I will say it with pride in my voice. I’m a writer.

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