If it’s Thursday, I need to blog

Tangled MemoriesSure, it’s Halloween and festivities with the grandchildren are all messed up tonight because of bad weather. Plan B is trick-or-treating at the local mall.

Sometimes, well often, real life intervenes on my writing life. This week it’s been nerve-wracking—husband in the hospital, day job responsibilities. I returned from the Novelist Inc. conference in Myrtle Beach with a huge list of to-do’s for promotion. Not happening. Yesterday I did get out my paperback books of Tangled Memories to my three Goodreads contest winners.

The session last week with the most impact on me was Lisa Cron’s talk from her book Wired for Story. She urged us to forget about the Hero’s Journey and lists of plot points. We need to focus on the emotional heart of our story. Since I think I do that in my books, I felt validated.

With Halloween’s arrival, we’re heading into the “holiday season.” More things to think about—like decorating, buying gifts and wrapping them, and maybe, just maybe, cooking the holiday dinner. So take a deep breath. It will get done.

I keep telling myself that.


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