I was a reader before I was a writer

Book_shelfsmSometime after second grade and by the time I discovered Black Stallion books in the fourth grade, I started loving to read. My ninth grade teacher Mrs. Neff encouraged us to buy and keep books. You can see I have many of them in my library today.

Mrs. Neff also introduced me to the joys of creative writing.

By the time I went to college, I decided to become an English teacher because I loved reading and writing. Flash forward many years—I’m currently a technical writer by day and at night, I write romance novels.

Sadly, because of time constraints, my reading time is often limited to my lunch hour on my iPhone.

Much of my free time these days are spent working on books. So here is a list of my future plans.

Contemporary Romance—Bluegrass Homecoming

  • Prequel—complete and with editor (coming soon)
    Secrets—re-release with location change of older novel (coming soon)
    Nom de Plume—book 3 in the writing stages

Medieval Romance—Knights of the Royal Household

  • My Lord Raven—re-release with re-edit and new ending
    Raven’s Vow—future, very far in the future

Contemporary Western Romance—Ghost Mountain Ranch

  • Hank, the wrangler from The Montana McKennas gets his own story
    The series is in the very early stages, inspired by my recent Montana vacation

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