I admit it. I once was a Beatlemaniac!

1964-sullivan-show1With the anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in the USA fifty years ago, I’ve been reliving my teenage years. I was one of those screaming girls, actually seeing the Beatles live twice, and crying when they bopped out to second base at the stadium in Atlanta.

But more important than my teenage love, I’m a writer today because of what I discovered back then. In last week’s blog, I printed a short story I wrote in the ninth grade. Did you know my first novel was about the Beatles?

Recently, I have collaborated with other romance writers. The Ladies of Legend series has been a big success. Maddie James and I are planning a contemporary Western series later this year. However, my first collaboration came with a group of high school friends. We called ourselves “The Lassies.”

I still have our one and only novel in two notebook binders complete with illustrations. Each one of us wrote a chapter until we finished it. The theme? Our love affair with the Beatles! Each of us got one of the fab four—who in our imaginations were not married and were waiting just for us. In our fantasies we were a singing group called “The Lassies.” Our first novel was called “Were You Dreaming?”

We sure were!



  1. Jan, I loved the Beatles. Still do!

    Way to poke me about getting my Montana book done! Poke away! Writing this weekend. 🙂

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