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Magdalena Scott romance

Magdalena Scott romance

The McClains of Legend, Tennessee

When Jan, Janet, Maddie, and I wrote our first novellas for the Ladies of Legend series, my hero was Martin McClain. Something about his dedication to the town of Legend—to the history there, and the fact that generations of his family had been upstanding citizens—made me love this handsome, slightly damaged (by a previous relationship) guy. Martin was the tall, dark and handsome realtor who sold an old building to beautiful and exotic Midnight Shelby, the heroine of that first story, Midnight in Legend, TN.

Okay, yes, I know Martin is imaginary and the generations of his family, and their unselfish service to the community (and indeed, service to the Great State of Tennessee!) were also imaginary. At least, I know it part of the time. When I’m reading or writing a Legend story, it all seems pretty real.

Each of my Legend stories has a McClain in a starring role. Over time I’ve also written about David, Mike, Charles and Chloe McClain and their romances. Chloe is the first McClain woman to star in one of my books. She gives building contractor Greg Andrews lots to think about (some of it about building, some of it about the fit of Chloe’s jeans, etc.) Their story is in Building a Dream, a recent release from Turquoise Morning Press.

With the several couples, children of the couples, and (I know it’s not exactly time travel, but this makes my head hurt) the 1970s-set Christmas novellas I wrote, I had to make a McClain family tree to keep track of everybody. Trust me, there are lots of McClains on that list who are expecting me to write their stories, too. McClains can be rather demanding.

It’s a joy to write about the McClain family, whose dedication to each other and to their community is such a defining characteristic. They could be a family in my own hometown. I guess that’s why I find them so easy to love.



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