Best Birthday Present Ever

Betting 200-300Thanks to my husband’s hard work, Betting On Love went live on Amazon on Labor Day—which just happened to be my birthday this year.

I can’t think Bill enough for all his hard work. My editor Karen Block and my cover artist KJ Jacobs share in the success of my first self-published novel. I only hope my readers share in my excitement.

One reader, Jan Hougland, has already given Betting On Love a five-star review on Amazon.

Simply put, I loved this story about Sarah and Lane. Being a woman, I can relate to Sarah’s desire to meet and marry a Prince Charming. Who wouldn’t want that?? But I can also understand Lane’s reluctance to get involved in a permanent relationship due to his past history. What I really appreciated was Sarah’s naïve honesty in declaring what she was looking for despite Lane’s “beat around the bush” technique in avoiding a serious entanglement. This was a delightful courtship “dance” these two participated in, at times uproariously funny, at other times frustrating, but always with the sensual heat escalating. I found myself on the reader sidelines, cheering on and encouraging Sarah and Lane to grab their obvious-to-me chance at love and win their happy-ever after. I REALLY loved this story and can’t wait to read what other stories Ms. Scarbrough has written and will write. Her stories are gonna be on my “keeper” shelf for sure.

If you read any of my books, it helps my ranking if you will review them. A review, even if it isn’t five-star, will benefit any author. It gives us feedback on what we should work on the next time, and tells us what we are doing right.

Betting On Love is out now at Smashwords.


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