Anticipation—What? More Legend Stories?

ALegendaryChristmasPast 200-300It’s the calm before the storm. We’re expecting two bouts of winter weather this week after it was in the 60’s yesterday. I’ve been to the grocery store for “milk and bread.” And of course, the weather people make it sound as if it’s the end of the world.

It’s December, and I’m also anticipating Christmas. The tree is decorated, this time in our newly renovated basement. Most of the presents are purchased, but need to be wrapped. I know I need to write the Christmas newsletter to family and friends, a tradition started by my father. It’s harder now to anticipate Christmas than it was as a kid. I know all the preparations that go into it. As a kid, I just thought it would never get here. The waiting was the hard part then.

Finally, I’m anticipating writing the next manuscript. I had thought it would be another in my Bluegrass Reunion series that is planned for 2014. But no! Those pesky Ladies of Legend have put their plotting caps on and are running with four new stories set in Legend, Tennessee!

Turns out our boxed set of early Legend books Love in a Small Town has done so well at the Kindle Store and attracted so much interest that we have to bow to the demands of our growing audience.

So, stay tuned. The year 2014 should be an interesting one as usual!

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